Precious baggies

Now, if you’re going to survive the great global climate change cataclysm, there are some key items you’ll want to have stockpiled and ready to go at a moment’s notice. I’m not going to waste time on the basics like water or first aid kits here, since others have that covered – check out lists from “heckuvajobFEMA (if you still trust them), or the American Red Cross (if you don’t).

resealable plastic baggiesIf you think you can’t live without resealable plastic baggies right now, just wait ’til you can’t buy any more. I learned to treat them like gold while traveling in Africa. Make sure your disaster kit includes lots of them. They’ll keep rising waters (floods), sand (drought) and maggoty-type nasties out of your valuable belongings. You might just go ahead and store everything inside a resealable baggie before dropping it into the kit. As you use up the contents, keep the bags.

Think of it this way – in a pinch you can always drink out of the toilet bowl, but you won’t find a fresh new resealable plastic baggie in there.

Now, if you’re like me and you already re-use those baggies (they’re not recyclable in most municipalities), you’ve already learned that over time they get harder and harder to seal. Dunno why, but you’ll want to practice resealing them, so you’ll have the skill down when you’re on the road and on the run from whatever climate change cataclym has hit your town.

In an emergency they can also be used as a flotation device:

flotation device

Here’s a blog that suggests at least 25 more things you can do with resealable plastic baggies in your spare time.

What size should you stock up on? Everything in the heavy duty weight category. Don’t even bother with those little snack size ones – what a waste of polyethylene.

If you’re a frequent flyer you’ve already learned about that nifty in-between-sandwich-and-gallon size, the one quart baggie. I don’t suppose anybody had any reason to buy them before the post-Heathrow TSA regs were written. Ziploc, Glad and Hefty must have jumped for joy, because me and a gazillion other people now have a nearly-full box just waiting for our next plane trip – or the cataclysm.


6 Responses to Precious baggies

  1. KAT says:

    Just saw this link yesterday on Boing Boing-what to stash away if you are vegan or vegetarian. Vegetarian Survival Kit:
    Includes testimony from those who have been there. I talked to one ranger at a national park in New Orleans who said he lived on canned Cajun Tomatoes for two weeks. (After the Katrina experience this outdoorsy guy said he never wanted to go camping again….)

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  3. Pat says:

    Love that floating steroid man…..

  4. blog52 says:

    Hey, don’t try to take my Rambo dolly away from me.

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