Path to surviving climate change

No question about it, these folks at Path to Freedom in Pasadena, California, are going to survive the global climate change cataclysm in style. Their web site offers a wealth of information about urban homesteading and how to make it work. If you want to survive, you’d do well to read their journal and follow the directions.

And keep their street address close at hand. If the climate change cataclysm hits before I can get my act together, you’ll find me knocking at their door.

Thanks to reader KAT who told me about them. If you know of other resources, please pass them along. 


4 Responses to Path to surviving climate change

  1. danwalsh says:

    you can check out whether or not your house will be under water at:
    and get some scientific breakdowns of coastal flooding at:

  2. blog52 says:

    Great resources! They’re a little technical at first, but keep playing with them. Once you figure out how that interactive map at CyArk works, it’s especially cool.

    Thanks for the links, Dan.

  3. vbonnaire says:

    I saw the article on these people in LAT! They really were doing it! It can be done, but requires a return to pre 19th century life. I remember loving that they did this in LA.

  4. blog52 says:

    They are the real proof – if you can do it in LA, you can do it anywhere.

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