Whatever else you do on Tuesday, February 5, make time to


for the candidate best prepared to help us all survive the climate change cataclysm.

And don’t forget you’re going to have to do it again on November 4.

[Unless you’re planning to vote Republican, in which case you vote on November 11.]

Mark your calendars now. I’ll see you at the polls!


2 Responses to VOTE!

  1. tamino says:

    I believe the best choice for preparing to deal with the climate crisis is Barack Obama.

    And although I intend to vote for the democrat, I’ll point out that in spite of the general republican pattern of obstructing action on climate change, the candidate with the best credentials on the global warming issue just happens to be a republican: John McCain.

  2. blog52 says:

    I’ll have to disagree with you re: John McC, in part because when we vote we elect not just an individual but an entire party machine that isn’t entirely under the president’s control. Which party do we want setting environmental policy in the White House? Also because McC has a history of bending to the winds of political expediency, despite all his spin and press to the contrary.

    Nonetheless, since you plan to vote for a D, you may vote on Nov 4.

    Thanks for the comment.

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