#5: Get the lead out

Attention foodies (and everyone else who relies on the stuff to survive): After the global climate change cataclysm, what we eat is going to change dramatically.

When our old familiar food supply chains collapse, there’ll be no more kiwifruit from New Zealand, Kobe beef from Japan or grapes from Chile. Depending on where you are, you might not even be able to get your winter salad greens from California’s Imperial Valley. Maybe we won’t all suddenly become hunter-gatherers, but we will find ourselves eating different foods. For carnivores, I’d say this is going to mean rather more wild game in your diet. Squirrel, ‘possum, road kill, anyone?

future foodHere’s the problem: A hunter goes out today with his rifle and shoots up some birds. Some of them, he picks up to show off to the boys back home. Some of them, he leaves on the ground. Some of them get shotgun pellets embedded in them but don’t die immediately. Yes, it’s a nasty business, but that’s what guns are for, apparently.

Lead from the shot leaches into their bodies. Bigger birds of prey as well as scavengers of the aviary and mammalian variety eat the smaller, weaker or dead birds, ingesting the lead. Same issue when fishers use lead sinkers and jigs on their fishing lines. Lead leaches out and works its way up the food chain. Maybe not so much of a direct impact on you right now, but post-climate change cataclysm, you’re going to look at a Canada goose less like a poop machine and more like a source of protein.

Back in 1991 our good government banned the use of lead shot when shooting waterfowl, but allowed it for other purposes. Other jurisdictions have expanded lead bans, but because the bans are not complete, lead poisoning is common in American birds today.

hunter or gatherer?We’ve got other sources of meat right now. Post-cataclysm, not so much. When you’re biting into that breast of trumpeter swan, you’re going to wish you hadn’t poisoned it way back when. So the best way to preserve your future food sources is to stop shooting with lead now. After all, it’s your own peeps you’re looking out for. Think about where you and your friends fall on this matrix on the right. Not all carnivores are hunters, but vegetarians aren’t going to be so worried about lead poisoning after the cataclysm. Hunters, you will.

What’s more, here in the U.S. the number of vegetarians is growing while the number of hunters is falling. While 4% of Americans are hunters (down from 5% in 1996), 7% of us are vegetarian (up from 2.7% in 2003). Kind of makes you wonder how the NRA is so powerful if there are more vegetarians than hunters in America today.

blog52 tip #5 for surviving the global climate change cataclysm:

If you don’t hunt or fish, don’t start.

If you do, get the lead out.

We’ll all eat better for it.


7 Responses to #5: Get the lead out

  1. Cheryl says:

    I was worried about fish lead, but I never thought about land lead (or sky lead that falls to the land, I guess). I’ll add that one to the list.

    Good to know the veggies are gaining, though.

  2. vbonnaire says:

    It’s going to be bad, Blog52. The food chain — one last thought. Big Pharma has prescribed so many things and all that stuff goes through the system and into the waters and the sea and then fish absorb/eat it and? The LAT did that fab series on the Oceans– “Altered Oceans” but I can’t get the link to it. Jellyfish is the new crop, apparently. The ocean is already reverting to its primeval self.

    This is a book people should get. I had it as a teenager! Just as practical now as it was then I swear! For the coming…Thank heavens we have a mind like yours out here, Blog52!

    Her name is Alicia Bay Laurel and her book is called “Living On the Earth”
    here is the website:

  3. blog52 says:

    I hadn’t thought of it that way – we’re all getting dosed by the stuff other people sh*t out into the sewage system. I think there’s a future post in this.

    I remember the LAT series on the ocean. It was so disturbing that I couldn’t read it. For readers with stronger stomachs:


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