#6 Stock the line

fishing lineEvery good cataclysm kit should include at least one roll of fishing line. No lead hooks, sinkers, jigs or whosiwhatsits, just a good length of high knot strength monofilament. I’ve had this very roll of fishing line since 1990, and I’ve carried it from Laos to Mozambique to Bainbridge Island to the wastelands of southern California.

Fishing line is flexible but strong, lightweight, and ties nicely into secure knots. Sure you can use it for fishing if you must, but it’s good for so many more things you’ll be desperate for after the climate change cataclysm: A clothesline. Replacement shoelaces. Hanging food out of reach of hungry bears. When push comes to shove, a garrote. Tying down loose tent flaps. Mending clothes. Thread it with beads and seeds for a sturdy necklace or bracelet.

And on those cold, dreary nights on the road after the cataclysm, a bit of fishing line might just bring back a little fun and happiness to you and your adorable cat (C.O. variant: kitteh).

cute kitty


4 Responses to #6 Stock the line

  1. Cheryl says:

    Adorable! I give her a three-sneeze salute.

  2. blog52 says:

    Er, thanks. She’s feeling much better now.

  3. vbonnaire says:

    very cute and thanks for the chuckles today…blog52, I have to figure out how to do trackbacks?
    then I will…geez all we need is stuff falling out of the sky. It reminds me of that movie Koyaanisqatsi– it looks just like that now to me. Who would have thought it back in ’82.

  4. […] I keep the ends out for the tie that binds Listen here for a podcast of tip #6: Stock the line. […]

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