The cataclysmic truth behind the broken spy satellite story

Dick Cheney on his home planetYou don’t believe the official story, do you? The Pentagon claims it’s a busted spy satellite careening toward Earth, threatening cataclysm.

My sources tell me it’s actually a ship from Dick Cheney’s home planet, coming to pick him up. The human heart they implanted never did work well, and he has completed his assigned task of turning the wealthiest, most powerful country on the planet into a pariah state.

Cheney ordered the Pentagon to shoot down the spaceship before it can land, because he doesn’t want to go back. Why not? He hates the gun control laws back home.


6 Responses to The cataclysmic truth behind the broken spy satellite story

  1. darvish says:

    haha, and I believe every word 🙂

  2. adelife says:

    Thats my first visit, i like it;) good luck for next, i believe to;)

  3. Shard says:

    Maybe Cheny can shoot the satellite in the face with his shotgun

  4. […] to cataclysm – on hold? The mother ship bearing down on planet Earth to pick up native son Dick Cheney may get a reprieve tonight from bad weather in the Pacific. The Pentagon “opened a window of […]

  5. Distache says:

    I still dont believe shit, what i do believe is that you’ll see this is going to be excuse for raising our taxes, everytime the military or the NASA mess on somehing they make a new tax, this time is going to be a tax for a antitoxic parasol, and yeah the story you say is more believable than what fuckin news say.

    it maybe is the truth who knows… fukin ugly dude..



  6. blog52 says:

    I think the antitoxic parasol Tache mentions will be made and sold exclusively by Halliburton. Of course, it won’t actually protect you from any toxins, but at least you’ll feel safer.

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