#8 Post-cataclysm technology: the stereo

You love your Ipod, don’t you? If you’re online, I bet you do. More than 22 million Americans own mp3 players, and that number is growing. Just think how many AA batteries are tossed in the garbage every day, all across this great nation of ours.

What are you going to do after the cataclysm hits and your batteries all run out of juice? If you want to continue to enjoy your favorite music, you need to plan ahead now.

the stereo

Fortunately, the human animal has a built-in music production system that includes the key technologies you’re used to, albeit in a different form. See Diagram 1 for a breakdown:

What’s different about this post-cataclysm stereo system is that you’ll have to manually operate several different mechanisms simultaneously. Kind of like driving a stick shift – you have to press in the clutch while shifting gears. So you’ll want to begin practicing now so you’ll be prepared when the cataclysm hits. I recommend the following four-step method:

  1. Upload your favorite song into the recording medium;
  2. Test out different settings on the speaker, equalizer and volume control until you have the right mix for that song;
  3. Practice the song at least once daily – in the shower is highly recommended.
  4. Repeat these steps with your next favorite song.

With a little practice, you’ll soon be enjoying music without the aid of any electronic devices at all. What’s more, you can create your own beats and remix songs to your own liking, with no risk of copyright violation.

You can even join in with friends and family and play your post-cataclysm stereos together. Nothing will lift your spirits and remind you of the halcyon days when you had hope for the future, like sharing a little music with fellow cataclysm survivors around the campfire.


6 Responses to #8 Post-cataclysm technology: the stereo

  1. vbonnaire says:

    This was great. Last night I was watching a documentary on Pete Seeger. I don’t know what age you are but remember the old hippie days? I was a kid, but those old folksingers really knew what they were doing. You would have loved the house Pete Seeger built that they showed–totally off-grid. Before it was even fashionable!

    You know blog52? Do you think it will be cataclysm circa 2012? It’s like that movie Koyaanisquatsi.
    Life out of balance, gaia out of balance, people out of balance.

    Yeah, campfires and folksongs. Nice. It saddens me to see so many plugged in musically as they are–it’s a solo act for people now. It used to be groups together listening to transistors at the beach–not solo. The world is too solo, now. Post climate change? Will be community?

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