Return of the peacock

Earlier this month I mentioned in a post on solastalgia how sad I was that the peahen living at the top of a giant fir tree in the neighborhood seemed to have gone missing during the cold, windy days of winter.

So imagine my delight when I headed out for a walk to my local library yesterday and spotted her pecking through a neighbor’s yard. In the nearby bushes a gray cat watched from a safe distance.

Then I noticed the peahen seemed to have grown quite a bit bigger, and was rather more iridescent than she used to be. Have I been wrong all along to call her a peahen? Was she actually a young peacock, and now here she he was all grown up? Or was this a new addition to our neighborhood wildlife?

There was a noise behind me, and I turned to see the driver of an Animal Control truck watching too, marking something down on a clipboard.

I continued on to the library. I didn’t want to witness what might happen next. I hope to see our peacock again soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

If the weather doesn’t give us cataclysm, our childish fear of nature will.


6 Responses to Return of the peacock

  1. vbonnaire says:


    there is a huge fear of nature isn’t there? But not for us. We didn’t grow up glued to a computer screen. We were outside. We were also not medicated as children, either. There was just a huge article that now the meds are in the food chain, and the water in the LAT.

  2. b52 says:

    That business about meds in the water supply is scary, and you alerted me to it a couple of weeks ago. My medicine cabinet is nearly empty, and what finds its way there tends to expire before it’s all used up – even something as allegedly benign as Tylenol. But how can I protect myself from what’s in the water?

    Truly cataclysmic.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Maybe the peahen went away for a while and met a man, whom she brought home to marry. That happened to C.C.’s former landlord.

  4. blog52 says:

    Of course the other possibility is that she’s taking hormones in preparation for FTM transgender surgery.

    Good news: I saw her touring the neighborhood again yesterday, so Animal Control didn’t pick her up.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Or HTC (hen to cock) surgery.

  6. […] everything you need to know by listening to his Backyard Chicken Broadcast, from coops to chicken transgenderism to egg production to poop to, of course, the evils of factory […]

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