Greenwashing gets me hot

I found this charming video on Bryson Nitta’s The Third Wave blog:

It’s so wrong on so many levels.

Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in America, with people dying on the job from injuries and off the job from black lung and other diseases. “Sixteen Tons,” the 1946 Merle Travis song GE cleverly uses in the ad is all about the physical and economic abuse of workers. On top of that, the product they’re trying to greenwash (and “bluewash” at the same time) is coal, which is doing more to contribute to the coming global climate change cataclysm than any other source of electricity.

The ad is two years old, but it seems so fresh in light of all the other energy misinformation we’re being fed these days.


2 Responses to Greenwashing gets me hot

  1. Bryson Nitta says:

    Pretty disgusting. I don’t know when or where this was aired, but, yeah, it’s offensive on so many levels.

  2. blog52 says:

    I did some online research b/c my second reaction – after taking great umbrage – was to ask, “Wait, is this a joke?”

    Sadly, it is not. This is GE’s idea of being eco-friendly.

    Thanks for letting us know about it, Bryson.

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