Top ten reasons Americans aren’t protesting high gas prices

Tuesday’s LA Times had an article on the forthcoming $4 a gallon gas cataclysm that included this interesting observation:

Another factor lending strength to the surge is the apparent willingness of Americans to put up with runaway prices.

“We’re not hearing the chatter. We’re not hearing about boycotts or picket signs at gas stations like we did with earlier price hikes years ago,” said Jason Toews, co-founder of the website chain.

Herewith, the blog52 top ten reasons why Americans aren’t protesting high gas prices or buying less gas:

10. We’re too busy working two jobs so we can pay for gas and food.

9. We’re too busy standing in line at the food bank to join any protests.

8. The prez keeps telling us the solution to all our woes is to go shopping, so we do.

7. Thanks to the mortgage meltdown and rising rents, none of us can move closer to where we work.

6. We all got letters from the IRS promising a check to cover gas. It’s in the mail, right?

5. The Dept of Energy told us the alternatives to petroleum products aren’t reliable.

4. We can’t sell our SUVs to reduce our gas costs because we lost our homes in the mortgage meltdown and are now living in them.

3. We have to make a reservation for a Smart car? We want one now!

2. Have you ever tried to take public transit in L.A., or in rural North Dakota? Short term thinking by public officials translates into few options for people without cars.

1. We went to the streets to stop the Iraq war – the largest antiwar protests since Vietnam, and not just in the US – but still they had their war. Excuse us if we don’t think the oil companies who are benefiting from this war give a good goddamn about public opinion.


5 Responses to Top ten reasons Americans aren’t protesting high gas prices

  1. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for the link! Yes, when I could have been out protesting, I was trapped on the bus.

  2. vbonnaire says:

    this is totally funny! in a terrible way, but your part shows how completely insane the times are we are living in—I swear!

    personally, a rural area, a horse—that would solve it!

  3. blog52 says:

    A horse – brilliant. I’d like to see the US Department of Transportation developing programs to teach horseback riding in rural areas. They could fund hitching posts and watering holes, rather than construction of freeways and other eyesores.

    It improves health, reduces pollution and creates fertilizer for food crops.

  4. vbonnaire says:

    Yep, and thanks for coming by my place and leaving those great comments– nice to meet someone who “knows” as much as you do…………!

    Horses, chickens, a little vegetable garden — some fruit trees? 19th century but why not?
    politics seem redundant in this age, blog52. What a mess—–

  5. blog52 says:

    Redundant, and yet totally modern. Check out the new “Kitchen Garden movement”:

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