Angelenos prepare for the cataclysm

Folks in South L.A. show how tip #12 is done. They’re prepared for the cataclysm – are you?

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For many, the image of South Los Angeles is that of a paved, parched, densely packed urban grid. But increasingly, it is also a place where untold numbers of barnyard animals — chickens, roosters, goats, geese, ducks, pigs and even the odd pony — are being tended in tiny backyard spaces.

“Most people don’t realize just how many farm animals there are in the city,” said Ed Boks, the general manager of the city’s Animal Services department.

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2 Responses to Angelenos prepare for the cataclysm

  1. Cheryl says:

    A rooster just moved to my neighborhood. I’m not sure where he fits on the gentrification spectrum (I don’t know if he rents or owns), but he’s a welcome addition. (And luckily he doesn’t seem to crow before 7 a.m. My cat, on the other hand, wake up every day at 5:30.)

  2. blog52 says:

    Probably rents. Who would give a rooster a mortgage in these tough economic times? A year ago, I’d have said different.

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