#18 Take back the land

They’re doing it all over the world. If you want to survive the cataclysm, I suggest you join them.

Guerrilla gardeners find vacant, unused land, and – as the phrase suggests – garden it without permission. Decorative plants are nice, they add to the quality of urban life and increase CO2 consumption, but food is also on the plate. Many plants like swiss chard and nasturtiums do nicely as both.

guerrilla garden

You’ll get two post-cataclysm benefits from guerrilla gardening. First, you’ll have learned the skill of gardening in less-than-ideal conditions. Second, you’ll have actual food to eat. No, three – gardening is a great workout, getting you into the just the sort of physical shape you’ll need to be in to survive.

You might do some research on ownership of the land you plan to garden before getting started. If it’s privately owned, the owner could come along and dig up all your handiwork one day. Although if they’re leaving the land to spawn weeds and garbage, they might never notice. Government-owned vacant land gives you a little more legal leeway.

No need for me to explain more. This “take back to the land” movement is well established. Follow these links to learn everything you need to know:


Green Guerrillas

Toronto’s Guerrilla Gardeners

Primal Seeds

You Grow Girl

The Orphaned Land Trust

Guerrilla Gardening photo pool on Flickr (where I found this photo from a guerrilla garden in Hannover)

Links to guerrilla gardening sites in Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Articles about Guerrilla Gardening

Mary Henry

Web Urbanist


L.A. Times



Guerrilla Gardening: A Manifesto by David Tracey

On Guerrilla Gardening by Richard Reynolds

Photo by thinkoncomesee


7 Responses to #18 Take back the land

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  2. vbonnaire says:

    Again! you’ve done it again! — this could also be used in urban ares for food production–it’s the green way, once more.

  3. vbonnaire says:

    I was too excited—therefore typos!…………………………… God. I hope your book is selling, you are so on it.

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