Five bucks a gallon means business for some

Nearly five bucks a gallonJust rolled my bike off the porch where it’s been sitting for -er- three years at least, and took it to a local bike repair shop. At today’s gas prices, I’m ready to invest in a little sweat equity.

I asked Marty, who works there, if he’s seen an uptick in business recently.

“Yes, but not in sales. A lot of people like you have decided it’s time to make this thing pay for itself.”

The rise in gas prices doesn’t have to be a cataclysm. It’s a chance for us to make better choices, both short-term and long-term. Here’s to higher bike store sales and increased investment in public transit.

When you see me biking up the street, just remember that by buying less gas I’m reducing demand for oil, thus helping lower the price for all of us. So please, share the road.

Photo by Ben Lunsford, via Wikimedia Commons


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