#19 Vote for the democracy of your choice

If your only relationship with small-d democracy is showing up to the polls a few times each year, you’re in for a surprise.

If the closest you come to voting is picking out shampoo at the store, you’ve really got your work cut out for you to prepare for the cataclysm.

Turns out, there are many, many different types of democracy out there, from the practical to the theoretical. Yeah, you’ve got your liberal democracy and your representative democracy, but have you heard of deliberative democracy or Athenian democracy, or even messianic democracy?

I think I votedAs I’ve written here before, you’ll need to be on the lookout for sociopaths and other icky people trying to grab power after the cataclysm. They might call their ideas “democracy,” but which kind do they mean? Is it right for you and your community?

As you and your neighbors rebuild both infrastructure and society after the cataclysm, you’ll make better decisions if you’re knowledgeable about all the possible political systems out there. At the very least, you need to know about different types of democracy. In addition to the ones listed above, here’s a few more you might want to check out:

consensus democracy, republican democracy, anticipatory democracy, soviet democracy, demarchy, non-partisan democracy, grassroots democracy, illiberal democracy, christian democracy, totalitarian democracy, participatory democracy, social democracy, direct democracy

Maybe you’ll even come up with a version of your own.

Get reading now, and get involved. Democracy is about much more than voting. After the cataclysm, you’ll be responsible for keeping it alive.

Voting sticker mashup: BloodForOil.org


2 Responses to #19 Vote for the democracy of your choice

  1. […] Democracy mashups after the cataclysm When you’re rebuilding society after the cataclysm, you can sample from many different types of democracy. Listen here to get started, or click here to read tip #19 Vote for the democracy of your choice. […]

  2. vbonnaire says:

    This is GREAT! I was going to do something like this myself, but you did! Like I said — you are SO ahead of your time. Ps–straw bales do houses and communities make, blog52!

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