#20 Be Johnny Appleseed in the 21st century

If you want to survive the cataclysm, you’ll want trees. Lots of them.

To make sure there are plenty of trees around when you need them, start building your stockpile by planting now. They can take a long time to grow to a useful size, as Johnny Appleseed knew. This isn’t for instant-gratification types. Then again, neither is the cataclysm.

What can you use trees for after the cataclysm?

1. To escape rising floodwaters

2. For storing goods away from thieves, bears and other land-based beasts

3. To protect yourself from the relentless sun burning down through the thinning ozone layer

whattreesaregoodfor4. Fruit

5. Medicines

6. To consume excess CO2 (aka “carbon sequestration“)

7. As a sort of panopticon

8. Firewood

9. For the beauty they provide

10. A home for your peafowl

11. Home-building and furniture-making supplies, so long as you don’t overdo it

12. A lovely visual depiction of the word “dendritic

Take, for example, The Larch.

Get planting now. On your land or someone else’s.


One Response to #20 Be Johnny Appleseed in the 21st century

  1. […] Adding trees to your survival kit After the cataclysm, you’re going to wish you had more trees. They’re useful for so many things. Add them to your future stockpile by planting them now. Listen here for more, or at blog52.podbean.com. Or read post #20 Be Johnny Appleseed in the 21st century. […]

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