#22 Edibles in the ‘hood

After the global climate change cataclysm, you will eventually get hungry. Your cataclysm survival kit that looked so big inside your closet, will look so small beside your hunger. Once you’ve run through all the power bars, granola and canned beans you’d stocked up on, you’re going to come up with new options. There won’t be any trucks, trains or ships around to deliver kiwi fruit and ahi tuna to your local grocery store.

Yes, you could take up attacking people and stealing their food, but that’s not a good long-term solution if you want to survive. As I’ve discussed earlier, you may find yourself eating the flesh of animals you once considered vermin. For sure, you’ll want to start your guerrilla garden, but if you didn’t get a head start before the cataclysm, that’s going to take some time to pay off.

So another skill you’re going to want to develop, in order to eat and survive, is how to identify all the foodstuffs that grow right in your own ‘hood. I’ve already spotted two avocado trees and a lemon on the street where I live. What grows in your neighborhood? Which of it is edible? There’s likely to be food all around you.

Check out this video from Fallen Fruit:

They’ll get you started on foraging for fruit in your neighborhood, and staking out where the good stuff is. Their maps going to be plenty valuable after the cataclysm. That is, if anyone still knows how to read a map by then.


7 Responses to #22 Edibles in the ‘hood

  1. CJ says:

    Don’t forget to watch your back as you steal the fruit off the various trees in your neighborhood–if you even get the chance. Hey, have you discussed what items might become valuable for bartering?

  2. blog52 says:

    Good point, CJ. Probably good to go foraging in pairs or groups rather than alone. Just stay away from the tomato plants in the neighbor’s yard.

    What do you think would be valuable for bartering, post-cataclysm?

  3. Cheryl says:

    Hey, that’s Matias, one of my favorite CalArts profs (the one having a “fruity time”)!

  4. CJ says:

    My initial list of items for post-cataclysm bartering is hard currency, batteries, and fuel (for the first six months or so as people try to hold onto their pre-cataclysm lifestyles). Eventually, wanting easy storage and mobility and something everyone will want, I’m thinking matches, salt, and incense–things could get a bit smelly, right?

    I guess I better start hording this stuff now.

  5. blog52 says:

    All that, plus resealable plastic baggies.

    I think you’re right about the value of hard currency collapsing. After all, paper money eventually wears out. (I know this because I accidentally saw the movie Mad Money recently.)

  6. […] Just be prepared – the veggies that grow in your ‘hood today may not grow there post-cataclysm. For related info to help you create your own veggie music, check out tips #8, #18 and #22. […]

  7. […] the cataclysm hits and marauding bands of your unprepared neighbors tear through the ‘hood looking for a bite to eat and some fresh water, your ability to stand out in a crowd will be definite disadvantage. Note how […]

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