Surviving the cataclysm, one veggie at a time

Whatever is the opposite of a green thumb, I have it. This year, though, in preparation for the cataclysm, I decided to learn how to grow my own veggies, on my little porch. This weekend I had the first chance to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

My first tomato:

first tomato

Comparison shopping: store bought vs. home grown:


My first chili pepper, the stunningly hot firecracker piquin:


If I can do this, anyone can.

If we all can do this, maybe we’ll survive the cataclysm yet.


5 Responses to Surviving the cataclysm, one veggie at a time

  1. Cheryl says:

    This post is making me crave salad. And it takes a lot to make me crave salad.

  2. blog52 says:

    What amazed me most is that my little home grown tomato actually tasted like a tomato. Do you even remember what they taste like? Nothing like those red styrofoam things they sell at the grocery store.

  3. vbonnaire says:


    it’s easy, isn’t it! — i always have tomatoes at least….
    bet it was fab!

  4. blog52 says:

    Have you seen today’s LA Times?,0,718750.story

    If they can do it in Cuba, we can do it here.

  5. […] Click here to see my first tomato and my first chili. […]

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