#33 Pack your barterables

Cash. When the credit markets dry up, it’s what will keep the world going ’round. Right?

Don’t count on it.

As we’ve all been learning since the subprime meltdown began gathering steam earlier this year, a thing has only as much value as people believe it has. After the global climate change cataclysm, cash may become useless. What can you use those small rectangles of printed paper for other than lighting fires? I suppose the coins could make nice paperweights. When everybody around you realizes this and stops using cash, how will you get the things you need from the people who have them?

May be useless after the cataclysm

Useless after the cataclysm?

Bartering. You’ve got something the other guy wants, he’s got something you want. Are they of equal value? Depends how much you both want what the other guy’s got. If all you have on hand in your cataclysm kit is cash, you may find yourself out of luck.

Sure, keep a stash of cash tucked away for an emergency. Just be sure to include some extras in the kit that might be valuable enough to barter for the things you find you need. Maybe it’s an extra can of instant coffee, a spare roll of fishing line, or a second wind-up radio. I’ll leave it to you to sort out the actual value of your barterables, and that will depend on post-cataclysm conditions.

They say cash is king. I say be prepared for the revolution.


2 Responses to #33 Pack your barterables

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  2. […] Cashing in on a leap of faith A thing has only as much value as people believe it has. After the cataclysm, what will you do if people stop believing in cash? Barter! Listen below, or click here to read tip #33: Pack your barterables. […]

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