#36 Make friends with old people

Many bloggers will find this hard to believe, but there are people alive today who were born before the television was a household item.

Some people alive today remember life before television

Some people alive today remember life before television

They remember life before there were such things as Social Security and the CIA. They remember having to entertain themselves by playing outside, singing aloud and using Go Fish sets that didn’t have little mermaids on them. Many of them, no matter what part of the country they’re from, remember growing their own food. Most remember cooking their own meals, or at least having someone around to cook meals for them.

These people are great resources for preparing for the global climate change cataclysm. They remember the life you’re likely to find yourself living. Limited access to electricity, reduced to depending on the sweat of your brow to get what you need.

So get out there and meet some old people. Learn from them how hard life used to be. They have the tips to help you survive it.


3 Responses to #36 Make friends with old people

  1. Cheryl says:

    My grandma still cleans her own rain gutters. I wish I could say the same about myself, but there have to be SOME benefits to renting.

  2. […] you might use with certain statements, and try to make your face look like that. Many people of the older generation learned this as children, and may be able to help […]

  3. spring cleaning…

    […]#36 Make friends with old people « blog52[…]…

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