We’ll all celebrate Buy Nothing Day on Nov 28

This Friday, November 28, is Buy Nothing Day. Join me in celebrating my favorite holiday of the season.

Hell, if the economy keeps going like it is, I’ll be celebrating Buy Nothing Year in 2009.

Here’s a cataclysmic video to get you in the mood, called What a Way to Go.

(If you can’t see the vid, click here to watch it at Adbusters.)


4 Responses to We’ll all celebrate Buy Nothing Day on Nov 28

  1. vbonnaire says:


    Crass commercialism is so not what life is about. I won’t be joining the fray & I really like Adbusters — I used to see their mag up sometimes.

    Hope the radishes are fattening…

    Sweetpeas are easy, so easy right now for flowers — the Old Spice variety is an old Italian heirloom one.

    Good for you — buying stuff solves nothing — but seeds solve everything.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I can’t say I disagree with this guy, but yeesh, he’s depressing. I like a little hope with my change.

    I’m proud to say I bought nothing on Buy Nothing Day. Unless you count a veggie burger.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Oh, and a vodka tonic.

  4. blog52 says:

    As long as you didn’t trample anyone to death in order to get them.

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