Blog52 is a literary experiment in creative nonfiction. It’s self-help, but not the weepy, maudlin type. It’s meant to help us take a look at the choices we make in life, find ways to live that life better (and maybe a little longer), poke holes in the hegemony, and have a little fun at the same time.

Since it’s also an attempt at literature, “the cataclysm” is both real and a metaphor. If you can figure out what it’s a metaphor for, let me know.

Some FAQs about blog52:

Q: What’s this blog about?

A: 52 things we can do now that will help us prepare to survive the coming global climate change cataclysm.

Q: Are you an expert on disaster preparedness?

A: No, I’m a researcher, writer and analyst by predilection, with a strong desire to survive global climate change.

Q: Why do you call it “blog52?”

A. Because I plan to post once a week for a year.

Q: You’re posting more than once a week. What’s up with that?

A. The siren song of search engine optimization calls to me. My plan is still to post 52 tips – one per week – over the course of 2008, but there will be other posts. If you know of anything climate change cataclysm-related that I should be posting about, let me know.

Q. You’re posting less than once a week. What’s up with that?

A. Life is hard. Blogging takes up a lot of time. One of these days I’m going to finish this damn project. If you have ideas for how to survive the cataclysm, let me know. I’d love to share (with full credit to the source!).

Q. Are you a right-wing nutcase survivalist?

A. No, I’m a left-wing pragmatist.

Q: Are you a city mouse or a country mouse?

A: I’m a reluctant resident of one of the biggest, ugliest cities on the planet.

Q: Are you serious about all this?

A: Mostly. I think.

Q: I love your blog! Can I buy something to show my friends how much I care?

A: Por supuesto. Visit the Blog52 Store.

Didn’t answer your question?

Don’t be shy – get in the comments and ask.


6 Responses to About

  1. Ham says:

    Enjoyed every minute of reading your blog… I’ve printed your points onto paper and put them into a binder for my bomb shelter for future reference. which was difficult since nobody around my office new what paper was, since they all have blackberries and Macs. Anxious to see what else you post.

  2. Bob Waldrop says:

    I’d like to introduce you to my website, http://www.energyconservationinfo.org , where I chronicle our Extreme Green Renovation of our 1929 era house. There are a lot of tips for more sustainable living.

    I also have “Printable Flyers that promote frugal living and disaster preps” at http://www.energyconservationinfo.org/printflyers.htm . There are 8 frugal living and 7 disaster prep flyers. My suggestion is that people copy them now while the grid is up and the copy shops are open.

  3. blog52 says:

    Hi, Bob. Thanks for stopping by and adding the link. The flyers are great (perhaps people could practice writing by copying the information down on scrap paper by hand).

    The bulgar site is terrific. You never can have too much bulgar in your life. Did you know they’re using it for kitty litter?

  4. I’m really glad you came back. The new post. Sends you a hug. Glad you are back, saying what you say.

  5. blog52 says:

    Thanks for the welcome! I decided I really should finish off all 52 posts. I’ll get there for sure, wonna these days.

    Looks like you’re still blogging away – keep on doing what you do!

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