Cooking after the cataclysm

February 20, 2009

If your favorite cookbook doesn’t include instructions on how to dress and cook a squirrel, it’s not going to be much use after the global climate change cataclysm.

You’re going to need older cookbooks, with recipes based on local ingredients.

Listen here, or read post #35 Buy an old cookbook.

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[El Wala Wala (Hey Dude) by Hakim]


Ebola: Coming to a temperate zone near you

December 31, 2008

The Wildlife Conservation Society has identified twelve relatively uncommon diseases that are likely to become much more widespread after the global climate change cataclysm. Listen here to learn more:

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Or click here to read tip #34: Diversify your immune system.

[No Fun by Iggy Pop and the Stooges]

Cashing in on a leap of faith

November 14, 2008

A thing has only as much value as people believe it has. After the cataclysm, what will you do if people stop believing in cash? Barter! Listen below, or click here to read tip #33: Pack your barterables.

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[I’m A-Giving Way by Laura Love]

Ownership society? You’re on your own

September 30, 2008

Whether the global climate change cataclysm arrives more like a lamb (hurricane) or a lion (complete financial global meltdown), don’t expect backup. Plan accordingly. Listen here, or read the post.

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[Berkay Oyun Havasi by Mogollar]

Forget the Wall Street bailout – it’s time to get out your abacus

September 25, 2008

After the cataclysm, swindlers and sociopaths will come out of the woodwork. With the right preparation, you can protect yourself from some of the worst. But you’ll need to be able to count your own change. Get an abacus and learn how to use it, or learn some basic math. Listen here for more, or read the post at

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[Solar Race by the Ventures]

First the mortgage cataclysm; next up, climate change

September 9, 2008

Go ahead now and prepare your home for whomever will take it over after the global climate change cataclysm. Coyotes, bobcats, cockroaches – who knows who it might be. Listen below, or read the post here.

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[Ever Since the Grid Went Down by I See Hawks in L.A.]

Hunting and gathering: green jobs of the future

September 4, 2008

Will there be any green collar jobs after the cataclysm? Of course there will! Jobs like subsistence farming and just trying to survive. Read the post, watch the slide show or listen here:

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[Reel Ten by The Plugz]