Reader response: Hunkering down

January 17, 2008

One reader’s comment got me to thinking quite a lot, so I’m going to answer her in a post. Lisa writes

Oy Vay! I think in a disaster, I just want to curl up somewhere warm and wait until either it, or I pass. I realize that is not very survivalist of me, but I am not convinced that surviving at any cost is the ticket.

I don’t blame you. This response to global climate change seems perfectly reasonable, in a duck and cover, backyard fallout shelter kind of way. But what if you climb out from under the table the morning after the cataclysm and discover you survived, when you didn’t really mean to? What will you do then?

What if it turns out the worst-case scenario isn’t the global climate change cataclysm itself, but that we survive it when we didn’t plan to?

What’s more, those of us who did the workout, stockpiled the goods and learned all the new skills we’ll need – what will we do about all those people wandering around who didn’t prepare? They’ll probably want to eat too. I suppose we’ll have to rebuild our society taking into account that not everyone has all the resources they need to survive.

Oh, wait. Is that what they call socialism? God Bless America.

Lisa, this video is for you:

Click here if you can’t see the video. You can also find this 1951 civil defense film here on the Internet Archive.