Happy New Blog!

January 1, 2008

Welcome to B52, the blog that’s preparing now for the coming global climate change cataclysm.

I’m not a nut-case survivalist, and I’m really not all that much of a pessimist. But I read the papers and I watch the weather, and I sure as hell saw what happened when Katrina hit New Orleans. The two lessons I learned are

  1. Climate change is here and getting worse; and
  2. Public officials are so busy with their homeland security theater that they may not be around to help us when the cataclysm hits.

I’ve decided to get my act together so I’ll be ready when global climate change turns to cataclysm. It’s going to take more than stuffing a backpack with a few bottles of water, cans of beans and one of those dreadful crinkly emergency blankets. Ever tried to sleep near somebody using one of those?

Maybe it’s going to happen slowly, like Al Gore’s frog in the boiling pot of water. Maybe it’ll be more like the sudden freeze in that Dennis Quaid/Jake Gyllenhaal movie. Either way, if the whole system comes tumbling down around our ears, we’re going to need a whole new set of skills, a better understanding of participatory politics, and it probably won’t be a bad idea to be in good shape. Remember those mimeographed President’s Physical Fitness Awards from elementary school?

As I’m doing the research and figuring out what I can do now to get ready, I thought I’d share what I’m learning on this blog. After all, the more of us who survive, well, the more of us who survive. Maybe it will turn out hell isn’t other people after all.

Then again…

Why “blog52?” I plan to post once a week, for a year. That’s it. With any luck, the big climate change cataclysm won’t hit before 2008 is over.

If you have any questions, or if you want to offer your own tips for what we can do now to prepare to survive the cataclysm, leave a comment.