The official blog52 status update

November 20, 2008

Regular readers of blog52 will have noticed I’ve been doing a Brownie-style heckuva job lately preparing you for the coming global climate change cataclysm. This is week 47, and I’m only up to tip #36. I never call, I never write, I know.

Apology by Jshei

Apology by Jshei

Let’s see, what can I blame?

First there was the sudden realization in Washington, DC, that we’re in the middle of an economic cataclysm. They gave $700 billion to some executive from Goldman Sachs to take care of it, so at least that problem’s solved. But it did distract me for a few days.

Then there was that pesky election thing that had me up late, biting my nails and clicking back to HuffPost compulsively to see the latest poll numbers from North Carolina.

For a few days afterward I was so full of hope that I couldn’t even imagine the cataclysm. Then the fires broke out in Southern California and of all people it was Arnold Schwarzenegger who reminded us about climate change and what a mess it’s making for everyone.

On a more personal note, the hand crank on my wind-up radio broke, which really threw me off my cataclysm workout. Then, this morning, I’ve had to break down and admit that those radishes I planted just aren’t going to get any fatter no matter how long I leave them in their container.

Well I’m back to business now. I promised 52 tips for surviving the climate change cataclysm, and like it or not, you’re going to get them. Plus 52 podcasts of those tips, with music from 52 fabulous artists. It’s just going to take more than 52 weeks to get there.

Stick with me, and we might just survive the cataclysm yet. In fact, if you have any suggestions on how to survive, send them along. I’ve got a sweet sixteen more to go.

Cartoon: fan art by Jshei on Super Mega Comics


Get your superhero on

April 16, 2008

Power it up under your own power.

Listen here (2:59)

Or right-click here to download the mp3. Or you can read the post here.

[Nietzche by the Dandy Warhols]

#13 Superheros carry wind-ups

April 13, 2008

Where does the power come from that generates our favorite electronic gadgets?

Where will it come from after the cataclysm?

Don\'t set it down, pick the wind-upBack in the day, Schoolhouse Rock said that if we didn’t have fuel to burn it would take a superhero to turn the generator real fast in order to make electricity. Technical advances since the 70s mean you can be the superhero today, spinning the handles of wind-up radios and flashlights like the ones in this photo, generating the power to make them go.

This wind-up radio offers FM, AM and two shortwave stations dials. You’ll want that many choices after the cataclysm. Who knows which stations will survive and where they’ll be? You can also get a wind-up radio with a plug-in for your cell phone. Then again, that won’t work unless the people you want to call have one too.

This flashlight has a clear case so you can watch the gears work to generate the power that runs it. Kind of like open-source code – see how it works and make a wind-up gadget of your own.

Be a superhero and get your wind-up gadgets now, before the rush on stores that happens before every cataclysm commences.

Just don’t be fooled by climate change deniers and wind-up flim-flammers:

Cool car, but it\'s not a real wind-up

Cool car, but this is not a true wind-up.

VW photo source: Autoblog